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5 Things to Look for in a Snow Removal Contractor – New Richmond WI

Living near New Richmond, Wisconsin we all know how fast the weather can change from the near-perfect weather of the summertime to the cold that starts to come in the Fall and proceed through the Winter. Inevitably snowfall comes with the winter season. This change in the seasons, in turn, gets people once again thinking about Snow Removal and De-icing services for their driveways, parking lots and sidewalks. Well, if you don’t have the equipment needed to remove the snow and ice then you have to find someone to do it. How do you know what to look for in finding a Snow Removal Contractor? This article was created for both Residential and Commercial customers to discuss this very subject in detail. I will go through 5 Things you should Consider when finding a Snow Removal Contractor.

  1. The first subject to touch on is Experience.
    • The contractor that your considering should have a good reputation in the field with both word of mouth and website presence. Ask around, do you know anyone who uses the contractor? Do they have only good things to say? Also, the type of their web presence may help to determine if they are the professional contractor you’re searching for. Do they have a Snow Removal/ Snow Plowing Page? Do they have online reviews on Facebook, Google or perhaps Testimonials on their web page? Web Presence can help prove their credibility because typically only an older, more established company will likely have one in great detail with lots of credibility in the form of reviews. If they do have a web page, look for the quality of the different pages. Does it look genuine? Look at the photos on the various pages. Are they real or photo-shopped, it is often easy to spot the difference? How about wording? Are there lots of spelling errors and wording that doesn’t make sense? An elaborate website may prove they care a lot about their reputation and show the level of detail the contractor provides to their customers. Have you tried reaching out to them? Try giving them a call, sending an email or possibly reaching out to them via Social Media, such as Facebook. Also, you may want to find out how long they have been in business to help prove both their credibility and reliability. We here at Lake Kountry, Inc. have been in business for over 29 years serving our customers. We have been providing Snow Plowing and Snow Removal Services to our Customers in New Richmond WI for almost 20 of those years.
  2. The company you consider should also have. Professional Employees, people that will perform the work needed in an efficient, yet safe manner.
    • Imagine you have just received a large snowfall in the middle of winter and you’re watching the company you hired plowing the snow in your driveway. They come up your driveway at a high rate of speed and then turn around and back into your garage by accident because they were in a hurry, weren’t paying close attention and don’t really care about you the customer. Unfortunately, some businesses have employees that can be careless like the example I used. Find out as much as you can about the snow removal contractor’s employees. Once again, through word of mouth. You could also talk to the owner of the company. Ask who will be doing the work and how long have they been with the company? These details should be comforting to hear and shouldn’t make you nervous going into the winter season. Also, consider the number of employees the snow removal contractor has. Do they have enough people, so that when that big 12 or 16-inch snowfall comes they have the people needed to perform the work? You probably don’t want to be stuck at home or unable to open your business because your contractor hasn’t shown up yet. We at Lake Kountry, Inc. hire only the best employees, so that every one of our customers get the work performed in a safe and efficient manner.
  3. Both the Contractor’s Snow Removal Experience and Employees lead into the next consideration. Trustworthiness.
    • Do you trust the business to get the snow removal performed at the correct time at the quality you desire? For example, you are a business and open at 8 am. It has snowed overnight and you need to have both your parking lot and sidewalks clear for business before 8 am, do you trust your contractor to perform the work in the middle of the night so you can open on time? What about quality – is there still snow left on the parking lot or sidewalks that could cause one of your customers to fall and possible sue you for injuries? You may not think of the liability when it comes to snow removal, but it is very important and comes back to the subject of trust between you and your snow removal contractor. With all the talk about liability, have you thought about the insurance of your contractor? Having a Fully Insured Snow Removal Contractor is something you can never regret and give you piece of mind if something were to happen. Lake Kountry, Inc. is Fully Insured to help our customers feel safe and secure.
  4. The next consideration has to do with the tools they use to do their job.
    • Have you ever seen the contractor’s equipment that you are proposing to use? This can tell you a lot about them. Do they have equipment that’s bent, rusty and leaking oil? This could be a sign you are looking at a snow removal contractor that may not reliable. The company may not take care of their equipment or have employees that don’t care about the equipment they use or whether or not they cause property damage. What about the types of equipment they have? If you just need a driveway plowed this may not be as important to you as it is for a business. Does the Snow Removal Contractor just have a few Snow Plowing Trucks or a complete fleet of equipment? Big equipment may be needed to remove the snow in a timely matter and can even be cheaper with additions like a snow-pusher. Also, it may be nice to know that when that massive snowstorm hits your business or residence that your contractor can clear it. We at Lake Kountry, Inc. pride ourselves on our equipment. We maintain and service our equipment regularly so that when it snows we are their clearing your lots, not broke down unable to perform the work. We have the heavy equipment it takes to efficiently remove snow or move snow piles back for the next big snow storm. Along with considering their equipment, what other types of snow services do they offer? This brings me to the last point.
  5. Lastly, consider Additional Snow Removal Services.
    • A Full-Service Snow Removal Contractor will be able to perform all other desirable snow removal duties to keep your property or business clear of snow. Do you or may you have a need for salting or salt-sanding of a parking lot or driveway? What about sidewalks, do you or may you need to have sidewalks shoveled, snow-blown, swept and/or salted? A Full-Service Snow Removal Contractor will be able to perform these services for you to ensure you have a clear driveway, parking lot and/or sidewalk. The Contractor should have all the specialized equipment needed to perform these duties for you, such as large capacity salters and salt-sanders for their trucks. They should also have snow-blowers, sidewalk brooms and sidewalk salters to keep you sidewalks safe in the winter months. One thing I failed to mention was the consideration of snow relocation. You may have the need to move snow from one area of your property to another or even completely off-site because of space or visibility restrictions. Think about this important point before hiring a snow plowing contractor. Wouldn’t it be nice to use just one company for ease of convenience of all things snow removal? Check to see if the business has dump trucks, loaders and experience in moving snow.

Considering all the points I have made, I hope you feel much more informed about the process of searching for the best Snow Removal Contractor. If you pay close attention to the contractor’s experience, professionalism of employees, trustworthiness, appearance of equipment and the additional services they have you should be on track for picking the best suited Snow Removal Contractor. Lake Kountry, Inc. offers our customers the best in each of these key points. Come Experience Lake Kountry, let us take care of your Snow Plowing/Snow Removal, Salting, Salt-Sanding, Sidewalk clearing /De-icing and/or Snow Hauling needs.


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