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Organic and Heirloom Vegetables

Search no more for healthy and environmentally friendly grown plants to jazz up your garden this year! Lake Kountry, Inc. is offering your favorite Organic and Heirloom Vegetables. We are continuing to offer locally grown vegetables and herbs from Rush Creek Growers. They employ only certified organic products in their pest control endeavors.  Alongside them, […]

How to Choose an Irrigation Contractor

The gloominess of winter is over, the sun is shining and the temperatures are warming. The background color is changing; trees are budding and the grass is becoming the rich green hue you expect. The Summer Season is closely approaching. The worry of your lawn turning brown during the summer season is becoming real once […]

Snow Removal Contractor – New Richmond WI

5 Things to Look for in a Snow Removal Contractor – New Richmond WI Living near New Richmond, Wisconsin we all know how fast the weather can change from the near-perfect weather of the summertime to the cold that starts to come in the Fall and proceed through the Winter. Inevitably snowfall comes with the […]

Garden Center Products – New Richmond WI

FUNCTIONAL AND DECORATIVE GARDEN CENTER PRODUCTS FOR YOUR HOME – INSIDE AND OUT! Spring is upon us and the rush begins to undo all the adverse effects from winter and transform our bare spaces into beautiful living areas.  Lake Kountry, Inc. has the products you need for to beautify your surroundings both inside and out! […]

“Annual” News Report 2017

What’s New for 2017 Spring planting is once again upon us…time to get those hands dirty and create amazing pops of color everywhere!  The Lake Kountry, Inc. annual greenhouses will shortly be exploding with outstanding plants that offer so much more than just “good looks”!  Long-lasting cut flowers, pollinators, bird and butterfly attractors, deliciously scented […]

Lake Kountry, Inc. Is Going Organic

OK not completely but we are excited to share with you our expanded selection of organic gardening products including: vegetable seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. Here at Lake Kountry, Inc. we recognize the increasing demand of earth friendly and organic gardening practices and we are adjusting our products to help fit your needs.   Our nursery […]

“Annual” News Report 2016

Exciting new annuals are at Lake Kountry, Inc., just in time for the 2016 Spring planting season! We are introducing many unusual varieties sure to peak your interest and put a smile on your face as you “score” a few to take home! Of course, we’ll continue to offer all your old favorites such as […]

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Landscaper

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Landscaper Finding the right professional contractor for any type of work to be done on a home or business is tough. That can even include finding a professional landscaper. We have heard from many people over the years who have hired companies to perform landscaping but fail to […]

Tips for Pruning Flowering Shrubs

Tips for Pruning Flowering Shrubs The novice gardener may be reluctant of pruning flowering shrubs for fear of permanently damaging or killing them. In most instances, more long-term damage results from lack of pruning than from any pruning that was done. Following a few simple rules will help you sustain a beautiful landscape. Pruning flowering […]

How to Care for Perennials – New Richmond WI

How to Care for Perennials Early October is a great time for fall cleanup and preparation of your perennials for winter and spring. It is also a good time to take inventory and think about what you have planned for next year. Fall is a good time to divide or remove any perennials that are […]

How to Plant Fall Bulbs

HOW TO PLANT FALL BULBS FOR EARLY SPRING COLOR Crocus, Tulip, Daffodil, Hyacinth, and Allium bulbs are popular spring blooming favorites. With a little planning and a few tips from us here at Lake Kountry, planting these flower bulbs is easy, fun and exciting while you patiently wait for them to herald the first signs […]

How to Store and Harvest Vegetables

The advantage of learning how to store and harvest vegetables at home is that you can pick and savor them when they’re at their optimal flavor. But how can you tell when to harvest? And what are the best conditions to store your homegrown vegetables? HARVESTING VEGETABLES For fullest flavor and nutritional value, it is […]

Tips for Container Gardening

CONTAINER GARDENING Container gardening is fun and easy…let your creative talents flow!  First choose a container – it can be plastic, ceramic, terra cotta – even an old hat or boot will do!  Let your imagination soar as you think of your color scheme and where your pot will be placed (sun or shade).  Tropicals […]